About Us

                   Le Petit Indigent


The Beginning of The Story



Le Petit Indigent was born from the desire, and actual need to create garments that tell a story and have the power to influence people’s mood,

having the ability to put a smile on your face, that you can wear with the garment the entire day.


Le Petit Indigent targeted individuals that are young and brave hearted,

people that have that special, royal attitude , without feeling the need to be evidently luxurious.


The brand focuses on telling a story with each piece of clothing, communicating through cultural and subtle messages that speak facts of the human dreams/ reality.


Called by the fashion crowd “The Little Prince “,

The designer behind the brand, Razvan Firea ,

studied at The University of Arts in Bucharest, Fashion Section.


He created his first line at 19, along 4 other young designers, under the name “ Royal Junkie”, a brand that became quickly popular among cool young people in Bucharest.


Two years later he creates his own brand,

focusing on reinventing the basic garment shapes from scratch.

From the conviction that a t-shirt is not “just a T-shirt”,

and a hoody is not “just a hoody” he was inspired by these type of garments that are considered to be mainstream, comfortable and not necessarly fashionable,

and created what he calls “ couture basics”, sharp shapes reminiscent of a princely shape , with unfinished edges, and developed artistic and statement prints that redefine the way people see the “print tee” .


{“Representative for the “ethernal children” crowd,

Razvan Firea celebrates the values of innocence/ childhood

and he does not censor his curiosity and passion for experiment, play.

He looks for harmony and balance between extremes,

Bringing them together and harmonizing them.} ---Forbes Romania


“ My ideal stylistic vision has always been balance;

balance between elements at opposite poles:

between old and new, junky and luxury, niche and mainstream “.

He celebrates and cultivates his fragility, seeking stories,

strong emotions , looking for uniqueness in every detail of his life, inspired by the cultural values of his parents and grandparents.

Razvan Firea has high aspirations; he dreams to change and inspire people, but doesn’t loose pragmatism.

Having the courage to be “teenpreneur” , he created his own fashion label, Le Petit Indigent at a very young age,

and wants it to be one of the representative names of the world’s fashion scene in the future . “} ( Forbes Romania)


The brand is a luxury basic line based in Eastern Europe, Bucharest, Romania.

The designer redefines the patterns of every-day use garments, made from the finest

cotton blends.

Le Petit Indigent launched in November 2011 and already its awareness got the brand on the pages 

of high fashion magazines in Romania , such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Beau Monde, Glamour, ALL HOLLOW,


and also international fashion blogs.

With sharp new shapes and complex prints, Le Petit Indigent is soon to become the "it" young label.


"On the street you first felt time could stop;

in the night subway that brings you back from the party that changed your life;

 Down the Rivoli;

From the colorful, animated, fun Marais, towards the glamourous, sparkling Saint-Honoré,

 I’ve capturated flashes of the crowned heads of the Parisian Underground.

 Through their eyes, my story.“


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